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Energy Healing

Carolyn trained extensively in Reiki and REAP (Remote Energetic Alignment Process; a method born from Shamanic Energy Healing and Body Activation) energy healing methods.

She works with more than 11 centers within your body, as well as one around it called our Light Body (aka our 8th chakra), to help you find balance, spiritual awareness, and extensive physical and mental healing. Other healing techniques include Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval Activation, DNA Coding Activation, and Group Activations. 

Since our life energy transcends the constraints of time and space — as long as both healer and recipient are activated — non-local healing can occur. That means you can get the help you need live over the phone⚡️📲💆🏽‍♀️ 

Carolyn brings through a beautiful and powerful healing energy that truly plants the seeds for tremendous results. Her kind and loving demeanor allows you to relax and feel safe as the REAL YOU begins to stir and grow. You will be changed for the better.
— Pamela Dussault Runtagh, Founder of REAP Healing Method & Owner of Passage to Inner Joy

Online Personal Training

As a Certified Personal Trainer and yoga instructor, Carolyn is able to offer a wide range of services to help her clients, inside and out. She offers sessions in her personal gym, or over your preferred internet option (FaceTime, Skype, etc). She's an expert in keeping you motivated and helping you reach your goals, no matter your geographical location. 



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Brooke Valikangas

I had been having a few hard days of not feeling well. Carolyn reached out and asked for consent to REAP remotely to see what was going on. I had just been contemplating a visit to the ER because I felt so stressed I was worried it was a heart attack. After the remote session I was amazed at how much lighter my chest felt and how much clearer I was thinking — like a weight had been lifted off of my chest — the thoughtful words, confirmation of my feelings, and helpful suggestions moving forward are just a few of the things I am grateful for today thanks to Carolyn!

Lisa Maland Nelson 

As I’ve hit the mid part of my life, I’ve been spending time reflecting on where I am at and thinking about my path in life. Like many people, I struggle with the balance of work and life, whether I’m doing something that is my passion and gives me joy versus am I simply doing something that is good enough, wondering if I’m making a positive impact on others around me, and with pushing through to the next steps in my journey. As part of my voyage of discovery, I’ve turned to REAP for clarity and a deeper understanding of myself, my motives, and my actions. I’m going on my fourth session with Carolyn, and I’ve been nothing short of amazed with the results of each session. In all truthfulness, our connection scares me sometimes (it’s so real!!), the progress we’ve been making is absolutely life-altering. Amazing! 

Amber DeChelli

I have had several energy sessions done in the past with different experienced facilitators, each time feeling still feeling a little unresolved, and I can say my REAP session with Carolyn was the best I have ever had! She was calming, insightful, and most certainly helpful. I could feel the difference in my body and mood afterward! For once I felt as if everything was addressed. I highly recommend anyone seeking emotional and energetic healing try a reap session with her!

Lori Stine

My REAP was electric. From the start I felt a ultra strong connection with Carolyn. Not to go into great details, but a lot of heavy junk was circling around my life. After my REAP, I slept great and the next day felt "energies" all around me. 

Weeks later, I feel as if someone is dredging my "river.” Getting rid of mud, muck, and other sediments (sentiments) that have been holding me back from being my true higher self. I can't do it by myself. I've developed "teams" (my mother's estate team, my need a new car team, my I want to teach new yoga class team) and this team effort is helping me get there. Thank you Carolyn Trinkle Kenyon for starting the process. 

Sean Horvath

Energy healing, and the lifestyle of mindfulness and meditation that surround the practice, saved my life. 

I was living with daily anxiety stemming from decades of denying depression. I never “looked” depressed to outsiders, so I must be fine, right?? (Wrong.) Low or high, I struggled to identify any cause for my inner turmoil. 

Jump ahead through a decade of self-medicating and subconscious self-sabotage; an era that could only ever be explained via memoir. College makes it easy to rationalize these behaviors. Plus, I had just discovered my own sexuality — I was gay. I honestly thought owning that would be a cure-all. But addictive negative thinking doesn’t care how many crutches you have. 

The day I realized I’d never reach my dreams if I didn’t address this, I no longer felt like my life choices were my own — they were the “illness.” I decided to find help. 

As a science-loving millennial, I went to western medicine first. Putting a label and script on whatever was going on felt exactly like the instant gratification I needed. I got my label: Unipolar Depression and early stages of Social Phobia. I got my scripts: A variety of therapies including regular SSRI and DNRI medication. And they helped me cope better than I could remember since puberty. It was a relief… but so many bad habits remained. Sure, the dark holes were less frequent and I was more resilient to lows, but I didn’t feel whole or stable. The dealbreaker: My mental state continued to impede my personal and professional ambition. 

It wasn’t until I came across connections between spirituality, energy healing, and quantum theory that I was drawn towards the REAP Method. I saw the quantum theory connections as too many to be coincidental. It reminded me of learning about Psychology in my undergrad — it was considered a “pseudoscience” not too long ago! With Carolyn’s help, I was about to try the REAP Method for the first time. 

Today, things are on the right track. I can wholeheartedly say that the past 6 months of my life have been the greatest improvement in my mental health that I remember — certainly the most therapeutic. I’ve found mentors who have helped me to better understand root causes of my mental health. I’ve started to see the links between my childhood OCD, coping mechanisms, sexuality, intimacy development, and my current mental state.

Thanks to CK Heals LLC, I’m learning to live in the NOW. I’m developing a broader understanding of human consciousness and the true power of the mind. I still have a long way to go. Don’t we all? But my gut says I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and I’m more excited (and less nervous) about just letting the future unfold than ever before!

Maria Bucholc

I was gifted a visit to Carolyn to try her REAP. I am an empath myself. I found that when I first saw Carolyn that night she was her usual spirited self. She had a presence of peace about her. Our session started and I felt at first like I wasn’t tapping [into] much. Then my tailbone was pulled towards the ground, and she started to 'body scan me' — as she selected areas to call on I felt so connected to her. I didn’t give much away and she saw exactly what I saw. She even served what I know now were “period” cramps. Haha. That being said she focused on areas that were tied to feeling and situations that were really going on in my life. Things I knew I needed to work on but never really focused. She also helped me come to terms with the fact that I carry a strong ability. One day I will build on it. I would see Carolyne again. Life makes it hard, but I think a few times a year will help me reflect. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are wonderful.

Mary Geswald
Feb 2018 – TRAINING

I started training with Carolyn Kenyon 5 years ago. Started out in gym in group setting, then Personal Training. In person and Skype training - she is very knowledgeable in her craft.

She always takes into consideration anything that may be troubling you on any given day, and she will always have an alternate move for you.

I feel, as someone who has been in the fitness world for the last forty years, that she is a great instructor — not just for people who have been doing this all their lives — but for people who are just entering the world of fitness. 

She is very motivational without being intimidating. She also is a very good baker and when you leave if you are there in person she may give you a homemade muffin or other goodie. It’s called JOB SECURITY! Big LOL! 

Marie Rolfson-Albaral

Our bodies have this incredible ability to heal. Our natural state is of wholeness wellness and being in balance with nature. In our everyday life, emotional stresses, traumas, physical ailments, sickness or even old conditioning negative patterns can take its toll on our bodies. This can create energy blockages where the energy flow cannot move freely throughout our bodies. Like mediation etc there are many things that can help release this energy. I met this beautiful soul and decided to try REAP. REAP aids in releasing these blocked energies and helps your body to return to a more balanced state of being where the energy can flow and healing can begin. The session was amazing and I could feel the energy and felt so much more relaxed!! I definitely recommend anyone struggling and wanting to just heal your soul to try this!!

Darlene Foley
FeB 2018 – TRAININg

Everyone has a trainer, most often ONLY short-term. There are fitness programs all over town, most are short lived. I found a true conditioner, low profile, no glitz, and unique professional. I contacted Carolyn by referral via Skype. Fast forward 5 years later… I continue to train with Carolyn weekly. 

Though we have yet to meet personally, I consider her a true friend and Life Coach!! 

She develops workouts to target my personal needs so my time is well spent! I look forward every week to my Wednesday workouts with Carolyn and look forward to meeting my coach personally! 

And not to brag… but at age 63 years… I am hearing pretty great things! 

Carolyn Koontz
April 2017 — TRAINING 

To say I was skeptical when Carolyn brought up the possibility of Skype training is an understatement. When she told me that she was moving from Bethlehem, PA to Boston I was devastated.

I loved my gym sessions with her! Carolyn offered for me to continue to train with her via Skype. I initially said no that I ‘needed’ the accountability of actually going to the gym in order to stay motivated.

She persisted and asked if I would be willing to just give it a try. That was 9 years ago - in the interim I moved to Colorado but I continue to train first thing in the morning 3 days a week with Carolyn via Skype.

It is perfect for me - I am so glad she persisted as I learned very quickly that the accountability of logging on and being ready to go at the prescribed time was very motivating and I did not need to go to the gym.

When people ask me about my Skype training, I say everyone needs to experiment and find what routine works best for them - once you find that, you are set up for long term success. I love being up early (very early) for my Skype workouts with Carolyn! With my workout behind me first thing in the morning, I am energized and ready for anything my day throws at me. She constantly changes what we do and challenges me to the next level.

I look back to the beginning of our training and I marvel at how far I have come. It has been life changing for me. If you are skeptical, I would highly recommend that you at least give it a try.


Ask me about Isagenix

Foods today don't give us the same level of nutrients when compared to foods of 50 – 80 years ago. This means it's more important now than ever to include nutrition in our focus on overall health and wellness. 

Without having to figure out what exactly you're deficient or sufficient in, Isagenix has you covered. Carolyn loves Isagenix because it’s a NO STRESS meal. A balanced meal every time! 

And I’m telling you, since I started Isagenix my psychic abilities came full-force. It keeps me feeling strong, less stressed, and just overall feeling great. I’m eating better than ever with just a shake a day!!
— Carolyn Trinkle Kenyon, CK Heals LLC Founder

It's time to meet your best self.

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